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During the slave commerce, slaves did not have the tools, skills, and talents to hold out their traditional hair is the place the hair matting and totally visible cotton hair textures got here into play. African ladies could not keep their hair because of the 12-15 hour work days their masters pressured on them. As a outcome, their hair tangled and matted.

I had dyed my hair black a number of years back and it was the hardest factor to get out three year later nevertheless it worked and I went to a bronzed crimson brown for the final yr..last Monday I wanted to see what a golden brown would look like without the purple so I dyed it a dark golden brown and this darkish golden brown reminded me of the black color…it came out lots darker then I had expected so I really want a lighter shade of brown with golden higlights so I eliminated it with a shade remover last evening and tried a medium golden brown and it got here out a reddish brown once more….what do I even have to do to get my desired brown with no red!

I have been getting low lights and high lights to acquire the most natural look. With our state of the economy, my husband misplaced his job and I can now not justify paying an expert $one hundred thirty each six weeks, or $ninety each six weeks, and $130 the subsequent go to. It is dependent upon whether or not it is low and highlights or just highlights.

Wow nice web site. Looking for some experts right here to help me out. I’m a male with brief spiky hair nonetheless what I want to change is my natural copper/orangish hair shade. I do not like the thought of being referred to as a redhead. Any recommendations would really assist. I was pondering of utilizing peroxide to bleach my hair, and I’ve tried utilizing Loreal hair coloration – Medium Ash Brown ( comprises a green/blue toner?) to hide the orange colors. However after a few wash cycles since I have short hair it gets much more orange! please any help appeciated!!!Natural Beauty