Fiber, Fleet Enemas, Train, Bacterial Yoghurts…

Aug 17, 2008

10 Methods to Beat Methadone Constipation – Fiber, Fleet Enemas, Exercise, Bacterial Yoghurts…



Methadone could cause some fairly horrific constipation, and while it is nobody’s favorite matter of conversation, persistent methadone constipation is no joke, can be a serious well being situation, and is really actually not enjoyable.

Listed below are some collected ideas for dealing with one in all methadone’s very worst unintended effects.

10 Constipation Cures

Be very cautious with laxatives. Though these may be efficient, they don’t seem to be generally an appropriate answer for power constipation, and if used too often, can truly worsen the issue. The bowel can get “addicted” to the laxatives, and transfer even more sluggishly, or under no circumstances, with out them. If none of these more pure methods produce results, speak together with your doctor about prescribed medicine choices.

Water – It sounds too simple, but dehydration will trigger constipation and exacerbate an already unhealthy scenario. Make sure you drink loads of water each day.

Fiber – Eat loads of fiber wealthy foods. Raisin Bran is an old stand-bye, as are prunes, bananas, papaya and so forth. You may also supplement your fiber intake with natural psyllium husk fiber drinks. The psyllium husks will absorb water within the intestines and swell, helping to move stools alongside – however you could be sure you drink loads of water for greatest impact and to avoid dehydration.

Yoghurt with reside bacterial tradition – Eating probiotic yoghurts often ensures that your digestive system stays nice tuned with useful bacteria that help to eliminate gas and bloat as they enhance efficiency.

Stool softeners – These over the counter medications are fairly secure. They work by drawing more water into the massive gut to melt hardened stools, permitting for a better and less strained bowel motion.

Exercise – A brisk walk, or even higher, a commonly scheduled brick walk, will help to improve digestive exercise and the passing of stools.

Squatting – Some individuals find that altering their bathroom position helps. Squatting is a really pure position for a bowel movement and may be more snug for passing hardened stools.

Fleet enemas – These enemas draw the body’s personal water into the massive gut, causing an almost instant need for a bowel movement.

Warm water enemas – The previous enema bag, though nobody’s favourite, may help to get issues shifting. Some methadone users even swear by “turkey baster” type enema syringes.

A day by day tablespoon of flaxseed oil is a natural laxative (as well as a very good source of omega 3).

A heat tub.

Avoiding meals that exacerbate the problem – Milk and cheese are no-no’s, the casein protein in dairy merchandise can decelerate the processing of meals.

It is tough, and a few individuals will all the time wrestle with methadone constipation, but sometimes attempting a brand new natural technique works wonders – and every little bit helps.

Good luck.

Tia on March 25, 2014:

My methadone doctor recommend miralax. Its okay to take each single day. Before using it, I might simply go two or three WEEKS with out pooping and no issues by any means! I now poop everyday!

sioux.moore@ on September 06, 2013:

Everybody says “Drink a number of water.” Okay.. How much? Two bottles? two cups? Anybody know? I am 5 toes 4 inches and weigh 166. Help!! What to do?

Stephanie on April 20, 2013:

I have been on Methadone for nine months &have not been to the bathroom once. It’s both this or extreme drug abuse. It just goes to show you’ll be able to by no means win.

Mark on January 20, 2013:

I like the “place” advice (squatting). What, versus standing? Significantly although, two points. One, cease whining about how horrible it’s to be on MMT. Do you really you assume you would have fared practically as properly when you had saved utilizing? Rattling skippy you wouldn’t have and should you might have simply stop you would have! Two, scrap all of the options above and just use Miralax. It is non behavior forming and uber effective.

sadlost on October 24, 2012:

This “medicine” is hell,!!! : ( i want i used to be lifeless

Yaz on June 30, 2012:

Plenty of water, minimal alcohol consumption, and psyllium husks (I’m a big fan of the Gnu Foods bars) help out huge time. I can relate to the man who stated his movements had been painful and felt like clay- I have been on MMT for five years and at 40 mg, you’d think a decrease dose would imply simpler, smoother dumps. Not so. Psyllium, train, plenty of water, and Greek yogurt works for me, but you have to eat it on a regular basis…

Boston Chic on January 24, 2012:

My body was hooked on laxatives. I had gotten so dependent that I was taking a strong laxative with cascara segrada as a way to have a BM. Sometimes I’d go four-5 days with out eliminating. I knew I had a serious problem So, I went to a GI doctor and I had a colonoscopy completed. Every part was normal besides a couple of gentle hemorrhoids.

I was told to wean off all laxatives besides psyllium, numerous water, lots of fruits, entire grains and veggies. I took the Woman Soma Detox packets with plenty water yesterday and in lower than 24 hours, I went to the toilet three times and eliminated So much. It wasn’t diarrhea both! Simply normal and NOT painful. As a bonus, I misplaced 2 lbs and an inch from my waist as a result of the bloat is gone!

This product made me really feel so a lot better. It does work however learn the directions.

Sam on June 26, 2011:

samanthamom1979@ Thank u soo much for the data on laxatives. I too have a HUGE downside shitting and nonetheless haven’t found the precise laxative. I do have some capsules referred to as Internal flush. Do u think I will have any problems with withdrawls if I take this pill will it take away from the quantity of meds thatenter my body to help with my pai n? Im dying of kidney diseaseso I gained der if this will assist me shit as I’ve no different technique of pain control…

kris on January 24, 2011:

I’ve been on MMT(Methadone Upkeep Therapy) for over 10 years now & want I’d’ve NEVER began the so-called ‘medication’. Nevertheless it ‘could’ have saved my life since I was using needles(at all times clean,but nonetheless)and dope I purchased off the streets & by no means ‘really’ realizing the efficiency or other unknown impurities in my heroin that I cooked-up into the spoon atleast three X’s each day,if not more. However it’s what it is…I am stuck on methadone,which’s harder 2 kick than another opiate. So, with regards to constipation & methadone, I found that Fiber Choice(title model)2 tablets twice a day,on a regular basis- plus taking magnesium citrate,(1 whole bottle at once) w/loads of fluids ONLY ONCE EVERY DIFFERENT WEEK, if you discover that you want it more than that, then let your doctor know instantly because it may lead to critical well being issues & blockage within your G.I.track(gastrointestinal). To all that really feel caught on methadone(like liquid handcuffs)PLEASE know, there are some critical enhancements in the medical discipline re:methadone addiction and options to methadone. simply ask your physician. GOOD LUCK & PRAY PSALM 91 OVER YOU & YOUR PHYSIQUE,cuz it is gonna WANT it.

mbnpm on Could 21, 2010:

I are inclined to get a number of arduous poop balls stuck when I take methadone. The one means I can get them out is that if I actually pull them out with my fingers. I simply attain up there and pull out about 20 balls at a time. These balls are no joke, they’re exhausting as rock, and so they feel like thick clay.

deb douglas from Oxnard on March 06, 2010:

I have a couple more remedies for this precise downside that really do the trick for me. I get combined dried fruit and cook it and eat a couple of half a cup of it for breadfast each morning. Additionally, consuming as much beans as you possibly can, like not less than two or three times per week softens and helps regularity.

Cecil on March 05, 2010:

Bananas can go either method. They can relieve and cause constipation. As far as trying to relieve, I might not advocate taking a chance with the banana as this article suggests.