2022 Throwback: Healthcare Edition – Health Tips


As 2022 draws to a close, let us gaze back at some of the global health stories from the past 12 months. And while COVID-19 is undoubtedly still fresh in our minds, this year’s list contains some heartening indications of normalcy: offline classes, researchers reenergized their fieldwork, and people are back to their offices. Undoubtedly, there were reminders that COVID-19 and other public health threats still threaten us. But these success stories demonstrate that we can overcome even the most difficult health challenges by collaborating across boundaries and with a common goal. So here are a few…

1. Monkeypox Rise and Decline



A total of 80,000 cases of monkeypox were reported in 109 countries in 2022, which led to 36 fatalities. Hmmm….this year’s outbreaks were the first on record for most of these nations. Globally, the number of new infections began to decline by the end of August, and the

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What to do if your child is sick with flu

Flu in kids carries many similarities to flu in adults, though there are symptoms that are more common in children with flu than in adults.

Mohammed S. Khan, MD, is a primary care physician at OSF HealthCare. He treats the flu every year, and he shares his expertise on flu season and how to respond.

The first step is to prevent the influenza virus from infecting your child by getting them a flu shot every fall if they are older than six months.

Does your child have the flu?

During flu season, there are typically “a lot of things going around,” Dr. Khan said. Common colds and other respiratory viruses spread as people spend more time indoors during the cold months of winter.

So how do you know if what your child has is the flu?

While the common cold progresses gradually with a runny nose or congestion, the

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Liquid chlorophyll: The miracle green?

We’ve all heard how it’s important to “eat your greens.” This is because green fruits and vegetables are high in various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber that we need for living a healthy life.

But like so many things in our instant, fast-paced world, many of us are always on the lookout for a “miracle food” shortcut that’ll make it easier to get these nutrients. And in recent years, some folks thought they found it with something called chlorophyllin, also known as “liquid chlorophyll.”

While chlorophyll supplements have been around for years, liquid chlorophyll recently gained popularity through social media. Celebrities and other social media users began boasting of supposed benefits that provide everything from increased energy to cancer prevention. But does the truth match the hype?

What is chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives green plants their color and allows them to convert sunlight into nutrients through photosynthesis.

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Cancer screening recommendations and what can affect them

Cancer has become a part of our lives. With so many probable causes, it seems impossible to avoid. Living a natural lifestyle and staying physically fit are our best defenses for prevention. However, we still need to monitor our bodies for any changes.

The problem – changes to our bodies usually happen slowly. Whether it be chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes or cell changes like cancer, it can be difficult to recognize any signs or symptoms associated with the change.

“Almost all common cancers have minimal to no symptoms at earlier stages,” said Manpreet Sandhu, MD, hematologist and medical oncologist at OSF HealthCare. “For example, a small polyp in the colon does not cause any symptoms until it turns into a tumor large enough to cause problems with bowel movements or bleed into the stool.”

At what age we should be screened depends on our average risks and exposures

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Do Not Get Crippled, Fight It Through! – Health Tips


While the COVID-19 pandemic has understandably captured the attention of much of the healthcare system and the general public, it is all too easy to overlook other pressing health concerns. A startling 30 % rise in cancer diagnoses among people aged fifteen to thirty-nine between 1973 and 2015 was reported in a recent study in the United States. Among these cancers are those of the kidney, liver, pancreas, breast, colon, and esophagus.

A cancer diagnosis is always heart-wrenching, irrespective of a person’s age and gender. It is even more upsetting for younger adults as they are at a critical juncture in life when they work on being more independent, starting careers, and establishing new relationships. Young adults also have the lowest rates of health insurance coverage and are frequently less financially stable than older adults. Before diving deep into this cesspool of grief, let us try and understand the reason

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Suggestions To Enhance Your Psychological Well being


It is extremely vital to be mentally fit in our day-to-day life. Generally it is extremely tough to

perceive what’s psychological well being. We are unable to specific what is going on in our life.

Life appears to be unfair to us.

Every little thing seems to be difficult proper?

The foolish job appears to be difficult and we really feel overburden.

1. Eat wholesome

It is extremely necessary to eat healthy meals. Nourishment of the physique and brain is very

important. A proper diet plan helps to nourish your mind and body. Generally we get

offended frequently which might affect our skilled and private life. Maintaining a balanced

food plan may also help you enhance your psychological well being.

2.Every day Train

Daily train is essential for a wholesome brain. in case your brain is healthy your physique

routinely stays healthy or vice versa. Day by day train …

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What increases your risk of cancer?

Cancer seems to be everywhere. Given all of the possibilities, figuring out a root cause for this cancer or that cancer can be next to impossible. And some cancers are hereditary or a result of age.

Still, you can protect yourself. Your risk for a large percentage of preventable cancers can be reduced through certain diet and lifestyle choices.

“Cancer cells are the exact opposite of healthy. They’re not normal and typically result from a variety of factors,” said Jomel Labayog, MD, hematologist and medical oncologist for OSF HealthCare.

Things that can raise cancer risk

Dr. Labayog says we can reduce cancer health risks by living healthy through wise lifestyle choices. His eight areas that raise the risk of cancer:

1. Tobacco products

Cigarettes and chewing tobacco can contain up to 70 cancer-causing chemicals. Cigarette smoke is not only bad for you, but it is bad for those around you.

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‘Tis the Season – Health Tips


Name a better time of the year than one that teaches joy, peace, and love. The date might look different depending on what culture you follow, but the sentiment is the same. Nothing could possibly spread goodwill like the joy-peace-love triad. In the spirit of this sentimentality, we will touch on the festival that covers these three keys this time of the year – Christmas.

1. The Reason for the Season


Of course, the true story of Christmas is familiar to us all. But the ones that legend perpetuates mostly begin with the roly-poly man in red who somehow squeezes down your chimney. Your checklist for Santa’s arrival obviously begins with being good, but that is more of a year-round thing. So if you are only just turning over a new leaf, you should probably stick to the basics- cookies and milk. Or you could surprise him with some healthy

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Biopsies: only sure way to diagnose cancer

You went for your recommended cancer screening, and it showed something suspicious. Immediately, your stress level went through the roof.

What is it? How do we find out?

That is where a biopsy comes into play. Biopsies do not cause cancer or spread it. They identify it.

In basic terms, it is a procedure to remove a tissue sample or cells from a suspicious area in your body. The sample can be removed in various ways and sent to a pathologist to identify.

Can you diagnose without a biopsy?

The short answer is no. While imaging and blood draws can show suspicious areas or levels, removing tissue and studying it is the only way to diagnose cancer 100%.

Home tests to detect things like colon cancer only look for blood or DNA markers in your stool. If an at-home test is positive for cancerous cells, you will still need to

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Flu treatment tips for adults

Each flu season, anywhere between 3% and 11% of the entire U.S. population gets sick with the flu, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That means anywhere between about 10 million and 36 million people will catch the flu during any given flu season, which runs typically from late October until around April.

Mohammed S. Khan, MD, is a primary care physician at OSF HealthCare. Professionally, he fights the good fight against the flu every year, and he knows the impact the flu can have, especially on the very young, the elderly and those with pre-existing health issues. He shares his expertise below to help you navigate flu season.

Do you have the flu?

During flu season, there are typically “a lot of things going around,” Dr. Khan said. Common colds and other respiratory viruses spread as people spend more time indoors during the

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