U.S. FDA Warns P&G About Olay Plant Lapses (2)

NEW YORK Tough economic instances are boosting gross sales of magnificence products and designer denims as ladies put more emphasis on wanting good and attracting a partner, in keeping with a college examine.

Do not throw away orange and lemon peels. Sun dry them. When they are absolutely dry and brittle, powder them and preserve them in a jar or extensive mouthed bottle. This powder can be utilized in quite a lot of face care prepa­rations; as a moisturizing face pack, as an exfoliate and in addition as an astringent. Choose 10 ml oil and add 2 drops of carrot seed to spice up elasticity, frankincense to revive pores and skin tone, or lavender to calm redness. Massage it in for thirty seconds, then rinse with warm water and take away with refreshing toner.

In an electric blender, whir 1 chopped, peeled peach with ¼ cup almond oil, 3 tablespoon rose water, 4 drops of tincture of benzoin, and (if desired) just a few drops of orange oil or different fragrance. Strain and retailer in the fridge. Lips are very delicate and can dry out simply. They have to be protected moisturized to take care of a plump, wholesome look.

Borex is a skin-lightening favourite from the nineteenth century. Mix ¼ cup borax with /12 cup granulated sugar in a glass jar. Cover and let stand for forty eight hours. Once every day, stir the combination and rub a spoonful in your discolored pores and skin. Take one tablespoon of cornflakes with almond oil or milk and grind right into a paste. Apply this paste to face. Wash off after quarter-hour.Skin Care

Watercress water is a time-confirmed remedy for rough skin. Boil a cup of freshly rinsed, chopped watercress leaves and stems in a cup of water. Let cool, pressure, and apply several coats of the liquid. Allow each layer to dry earlier than the next utility, then rinse with cool water. Store within the refrigerator and use daily till improvement is noticeable. Prepare a watercress water each seven days and apply weekly twice treatments as preventive maintenance.