Beating baldness is more affordable than you think

Losing hair is a terrible experience that affects thousands of men and women around the world. When they discover the cost of a hair transplant in their countries, they lose all hope. Although some clinics offer an eyebrow transplant at affordable prices, transplanting the hair that grows on the top of the head is very expensive, making it financially difficult for people on a basic salary. The good news is that in countries like Turkey you can get medical procedures like a DHI hair transplant for up to four times less compared to countries like the United States and the European Union. In fact, in Turkey, some clinics offer a complete package that includes airfare, transportation, accommodation in a 5-star hotel, food, and everything related to the transplant. Nowadays it is very affordable to get your hair back.

Why doesn’t everyone dare?

If you live in America, you are likely afraid to travel to another continent even if it will help you to stop being bald. The problem is that people tend to think that if a procedure is worth less, it is because it is of lower quality. You can find specialized clinics in Turkey that have been treating men and women, including some well-known celebrities, for more than 20 years. However, the very idea of getting on a plane to have hair is crazy for many people. Those who can afford it are not the only ones who dare, as prices for a hair transplant in Turkey start at 3,000 euros. Some have the money, but fear holds them back. This is the main reason that prevents hundreds of men and women from having a dignified life and regaining their self-esteem.

Make the decision today

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you too have lost hair and are hesitant to travel to Turkey. The first step is to find a clinic with at least 20 years of experience that you can verify on the Internet. Social media can be a great place to check out the results that other clients have had. Once you get one, contact them. The doctor will schedule a video call to evaluate your case and give you all the information you need, including the total cost of the transplant. Do not hesitate to ask the doctor as many questions as you think necessary. Remember that you will get the same results, but you will save a lot of money that you can then use to travel to other parts of the world, debuting your new hair.