Habits Make Happy and Harmonious Families


Every father and mother want to be a harmonious family, be a newly married couple as well as they have long been home-grown and have children. Building a happy home is difficult and easy. Difficult for those who do not know their knowledge and do not want to learn, easy for those who want to learn and try to find out. Bitter sweet households will surely pass, depending on how the couple live their household life. The key to building a happy family is the discussion, collaboration and responsibility among family members. To make this happen do the routine routine at home following:

It all starts in the morning

Morning is the best and most important time to start life and activities, familiarize families to get up early and start activities together such as worship, sports, breakfast or just cleaning the house and bed. Sharing the schedule of activities, please help or remind the things that have been planned the day before.

Watching TV and discussion together

Watching TV together is one way to get family members together. When watching a TV show we can talk to each other, share stories and brainstorm about ongoing events, this will foster a sense of family and warmth in the family. Family members do not have to be complete, if there is only mother and child does not matter. For fathers and mothers need to create time for intense communication related to household and future conversation of each member of his family.

Reading and Learning Together

Take time to read and study with your family, be it religious education, science or school assignments and other things related to daily activities. Because reading and learning together can improve the knowledge of family members and good for the future of children, by learning together to make the home as a small school to gain additional knowledge. Part of the happiness in this world is to have a happy and harmonious family when science in grip.

Divide household chores

Make a joint task when all family members are gathered at home. Starting from cooking, cleaning the house, washing dishes, washing clothes to clean the bathroom. This is to train togetherness and teamwork in home life, but it will add to the experience of children to live more independently and diligently work.

Picnic with family

To live happily in the office and at home the thing to watch out for is to balance work and family. Sometimes, many husbands are busy working and forget to spend time for family, the reason for being too busy taking care of office work. Therefore, for the atmosphere and family conditions at home happy and prosperous it is better head of the family invites all family members to recreation together, because recreation becomes a solution for busy parents and rarely communicate with their spouse and children.

Good communication among family members

Communication is the most important element in a household. In the family it is advisable to know the ways of speaking and interacting properly and effectively. Especially between husband and wife, maintaining behavior, politeness and doing good fellow family is a mirror of a prosperous and happy family. This is because there is often misunderstanding among family members so that not infrequently, husband and wife can divorce and children leave home

That’s the habits thing you should do at home because with these habits will be established cooperation between all family so as to make life in the household to be safe, peaceful and happy and harmonious. May be useful for all of us as stock to live a happier household.