Many are done by Eve, this beauty ritual turns out to be of no benefit

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Beauty care is a ritual that is “obligatory” for every woman. It seems that almost no woman does not like to treat beauty, both with make up and skin health care.

The number of beauty care methods is in fact not all beneficial for your appearance. There are some beauty treatments that are usually done by women, but it turns out that this does not have a lot of impact.

Even some of the treatments that are often done, are not good for facial skin health.


The use of paper masks containing charcoal

Charcoal peel-off paper is currently being used by many women. With the ability to effectively remove dead skin impurities, blackheads to the maximum make this mask best-selling on the market.

But apparently, the use of this type of mask is very dangerous for your skin. Tess Mauricio, MD, a skin and beauty expert from M Beauty Clinic in San Diego, United States (US) said, the use of paper masks that contain charcoal can result in damage to facial skin. This is due to the skin’s healthy skin.

It is inseparable from the glue material used by this mask which is very strong, so it can lift the skin’s healthy epidermis. The use of this mask if done excessively will only make the skin thin, sensitive, and dry.


It’s not always natural and herbal cosmetics good for your beauty

One mainstay of cosmetic products when advertising is claims if the product uses natural or organic ingredients. Many people are trapped with lure if this type of cosmetics is very safe to use.

Even though the answer is no! Joshua Ross, a beauty expert and founder of SkinLab in the US said that not all natural ingredients can be used for all skin types. There are several organic ingredients that should be avoided by certain skin types.

Ross said, there are some organic make-up materials that have dangerous negative impacts. Like lavender, according to him this type of material can be toxic and cause the death of skin cells, orange oil can cause inflammation, as well as menthol and peppermint oil, causing chronic inflammation of the skin.


Facial to refresh the skin and to keep skin youthful? It is a lie!

If all this time we are often fed the benefits of facials for skin freshness and youthfulness, then this is denied by Ushma Neill. An editor in the investigative report of the Journal of Clinical Investigation and vice president at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for science education and training.

According to Neill, facials that have been promoted in salons or spas with the lure of being able to make facial skin look more youthful are lies. He made his investigative report with comments from experts.

According to Neill, if the facial is able to cleanse the skin so it’s less likely to get acne, maybe it’s true. But if it is claimed to be able to make the face look more youthful, he thinks it is a lie.

Neill’s statement was later echoed by Dr. Joel Cohen, a clinical professor of dermatology from the University of Colorado. According to him, under the pretext of any facial will not be able to make the skin more youthful, anti wrinkles, and avoid inflammation.

In fact, Dr. Joel recommends that people spend a lot of money on facials at salons, it is better to use it for simple treatments such as using sunscreen, or moisturizing.


Those are some beauty treatments that are often carried out by women, but in fact they have no effect or can even have harmful consequences.