Fiber, Fleet Enemas, Train, Bacterial Yoghurts…

Aug 17, 2008

10 Methods to Beat Methadone Constipation – Fiber, Fleet Enemas, Exercise, Bacterial Yoghurts…



Methadone could cause some fairly horrific constipation, and while it is nobody’s favorite matter of conversation, persistent methadone constipation is no joke, can be a serious well being situation, and is really actually not enjoyable.

Listed below are some collected ideas for dealing with one in all methadone’s very worst unintended effects.

10 Constipation Cures

Be very cautious with laxatives. Though these may be efficient, they don’t seem to be generally an appropriate answer for power constipation, and if used too often, can truly worsen the issue. The bowel can get “addicted” to the laxatives, and transfer even more sluggishly, or under no circumstances, with out them. If none of these more pure methods produce results, speak together with your doctor about prescribed medicine choices.

Water – It sounds too simple, but …

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