Chiweenie Health Tips

Poor Shadow together with his purple eyes.


Chiweenie: Combined Breed

A Chiweenie is a combined breed consisting of half Dachshund and part Chihuahua. Every breed has its own health points and illnesses which are inherited by puppies bred from this hybrid. This means your Chiweenie may have a number of well being points from both breed – after which again, he/she could have none.

Knowing which well being issues your pet is predisposed to will help you forestall or lessen the results of these illnesses. Take your Chiweenie for normal test-ups, even if he/she is looking and feeling wonderful. Early detection of any disease can drastically improve the result of your pet’s well being and the quality of his/her life.

Lengthy Again = Possible Disc Issues

The Chiweenie gets its long physique, brief legs, and snout from the Dachshund. This makes it a goal for again/backbone injuries comparable to …

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