Six Psychological Health Tips For A Stress

Plan a game night with family and friends over the break, for some low-key enjoyable and relaxation. Credit: Pixabay photo by Nietjuh

This holiday season, we asked Darren Ferleyko, director of Employees Wellness at the College of Calgary, to offer us his high six tips to have a wholesome, restful holiday break.

1. Keep away from overscheduling

Though being social and connecting with those round us is an important a part of total wellness, spreading yourself too thin results in increased stress and anxiety. “We generally tend to tackle too much over the holidays, committing to too many events and activities,” explains Ferleyko. “We need to set real looking expectations and prioritize our time to make sure we aren’t over-scheduled.” Be sincere with yourself about what’s reasonable this holiday season , keep in mind that it is okay if all the things is not ‘good,’ and study to say no …

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