Things you can do to live more sustainable

There are many things you can do to live more sustainably than you’re doing right now. All these things help the environment that we are currently living in. The more people that start living more sustainable, the less trouble the next generations are gonna have with it.

Use more sustainable products

The use of more sustainable products already starts in the supermarket and other stores. They’ve been using more sustainable products as their packaging which makes it easier for the customer to recycle the products and live in a more sustainable way. Companies have also started to produce less products that are damaging for the world. Things like microplastics in shower products just go down the drain and we don’t notice anything about it when we’re using them.

Reuse your packaging

You can of course buy reusable containers yourself. You can buy jars and dropper bottles at a cosmetic jars wholesale, so you can reuse those by cleaning them everytime. If you don’t feel like doing that, then there is another option. You can just use your plastic bottles and containers again as well. If you buy a product that is in a big plastic jar maybe you can reuse said jar to put sweets in or maybe use them to put homemade products in.

Eat less meat

This method of living more sustainably isn’t for everyone. I, myself, for example, love a good piece of meat with my dinner. No matter what it is. You might be able to miss it more than others, if that is the case this is a good idea for you! If you’re willing to try this method, make sure you stay healthy, make sure you get enough protein and other vitamins so you don’t screw up your health.

Donate or reuse

If you’re one to often get more and more clothing or something along those lines, try donating stuff or selling things to give it a second life. This is exactly what they’re doing at thrift stores with so many different items. Giving your items a new life can also help others because most of the time the prices are much lower than new items, so people who don’t have a lot of money can use this method. You can also kind of reinvent your clothes, make them into something new if you’re someone who’s good at sowing. If not, maybe just leave that and go for the donation option!