When Your Baby Laughs and Benefits for the Baby


When your baby is laughing he is wanting to communicate and invite to speak baby language. Also when the baby laughs he exercises by moving some members his body. Laughter involves the nervous system and can wiggle the abdominal, chest, shoulders, and breathing muscles, making the body seem to be on the gym for adults. The muscles of the moving parts of the body will tighten and then loosen alternately. In addition, when the baby laughs, his lungs expand and absorb more oxygen. Heart rate increases and decreases thereafter, as if exercising. After laughing, the baby’s body will calm down and relax. In order for the baby to look fresh and scented do not forget to give nice baby powder. Here’s an explanation when your baby is laughing:

Overcoming Restless and Sick

According to research, laughing out loud, loud and long will stimulate the brain to release a chemical compound called endorphins. This chemical compound not only causes the baby to feel happy and comfortable, but also reduce the pain. Pain when finished in immunization and when the baby feels restless from discomfort while adapt to new environment.

Sleep soundly

Babies are routinely invited to joke and laugh will sleep more soundly. Because laughing makes the muscles of the body to be relaxed, so the baby can sleep more easily while resting.

Improve immunity

Laughter is known to increase the immune system in the baby’s body by triggering the production of lymphocyte cells that act as natural stress reliever and can paralyze or protect the body from various diseases.

Reduce Negative Behavior

Laughter will help babies feel good and reduce negative behavior. According to research says that laughter will stimulate the body to produce serotonin which will reduce tension and anger. A baby who lives in a pleasant environment will grow into a spontaneous and optimistic person. If growing up with positive behavior will give the brighter future for the nation and country.

Interaction with close family and people around

Babies when laughing indicate that your child will learn to connect with others. This is a mutual response between himself and others in the environment. He sees, feels and hears the way other people around him laugh and communicate. Then the baby was trying to analyze and imitate. So, when something is funny for him then he will laugh. Babies will also learn to act funny so that the surrounding environment will laugh and vice versa.

Improving Emotional Intelligence

Teasing baby laugh is also beneficial for the development of his emotions. Little will get used to and more sensitive express emotions in responding to the surrounding environment. For example, he will laugh at his father’s funny face, or smile when someone greets him, though he does not know him. When parents laugh with her baby learns that laughter is something that people love around the environment. So he will learn to try to make others around him laugh. In the future, children who have high emotional intelligence usually also has a sense of humor is high. According to research that humor can improve the emotional intelligence and intellectual children. Children who have a sense of humor and provide good humor will usually be liked by friends, creative, confident and able to solve more difficult problems.