Fix Your Common Walking Mistakes Today – Health Tips


Rising to the blaring of the clock early in the morning, some of us like to follow those annoying wake-up calls with a dose of natural breeze by walking a mile or until sunrise. Walking offers great health benefits to all age groups. However, there is walking, and then there is walking with the right form. This is especially important for those walking on a daily basis. You could be doing it wrong without ever realizing it. This blog should help make you a better walker with our pointers on fixing your common walking mistakes.

1. Map Your Steps – Become An Explorer!



Walking outdoors is interesting; however, taking a different route every day could stave off the boredom and keep you interested in your daily step count. Get your map out – mark the spots that you would like to cover this week. Your curiosity to explore new places will be appeased, plus you get to achieve your walking goals. It is a win-win by any shot. If you are surrounded by hill stations, definitely add them to your route. Walking on hill roads can add intensity to the workout you give your thighs and hamstrings, which strengthens the muscles.

2. Watch Your Feet – Knot Your Lace Right


Shoes play a vital role in your daily walking. Uncomfortable shoes will only make things tougher for you on the road. Go for shoes that have soft soles for your feel. You should not feel like you are merely wearing shoes but that you are moving in them with ease. The wrong shoe can spoil everything for you – we hope you are already clear that high-heeled tennis or basketball shoes are all out. Pick shoes that are light, well-padded, breathable, and water-resistant. The stiffness from this kind of shoe helps with side movement, which gives flexibility from heel to toe and makes your walking better. And yes, remember not to forget to tie your shoelaces.

3. Groove As You Move – Watch the Volume!



You can walk to the sounds of your favorite music or even listen to podcasts. Always ensure it is not too loud because the last thing you need is to lose focus and completely ignore the outside world. Go for headphones that are less noise-canceling. This way, you will be aware if there is a speeding bus behind you, emergency sirens, or a car honking. Road safety should be your priority.

4. Organized Wardrobe – For a Breathable Walk


Always choose comfortable clothing that will not suffocate you while you sweat those toxins out. Wearing tight clothes will make things difficult for you. The choice of fabric matters. Never choose rayon or polyester; always choose a softer, lighter fabric like cotton. Pick one size larger than your actual size to feel the flexibility of walking freely. Depending on the season, you could also carry your rain gear. Apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen to keep your skin from tanning. You are all set to go now!


There is no one reason why walking should be part of your daily routine (mostly because there are way too many reasons). Walking is a way to boost productivity and energy, get some cardio in, watch the beauty of a new day come to fruition, rid yourself of toxins, and build some impressive stamina. So, now you know, an all-around good idea for healthy living. May your walk become the talk of your soul’s energy!



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