Maintaining Healthy, Young (3)

PARIS, July 23 Sephora, the top seller of Dior lip gloss and Lancome face lotions, is underneath assault in continental Europe from far less glamorous competitors: pharmacies.Skin Care

Take 5-7 almonds. Pound them to a paste/powder. Take the yolk of 1 egg. Beat it up. Add to it one tablespoon of honey and continue beating. Now add almond paste/powder. Mix well. Apply everywhere in the forehead, face and neck. Rub it in gently. When it begins to dry, wash off with lukewarm water. Good for dry skins, particularly in winter when the pores and skin tends to lose its natural oils. This acts as a restorative.

I rated this up. I actually have rosacea and nothing appears to help it and I won’t get those prescripts. One cause is they’re harsh on my delicate body and two because they do not last very long before my body builds up it’s personal immunity to them. I worte a hub about it and another hubs about Avon products and my response…or lack there of to them. There is one more that I must attempt however need to make some omeny before I get the samples. I don’t need to purchase an entire bottle ot it and it not work or I have a bad reaction to it.

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Take a handful of contemporary chamomile streamĀ­ers. Add to these some rosemary tops, recent or dry. Boil them nicely in a pan containing 2 cups of water. Let the combination cool. Mash flowers well. Strain and maintain. When cool, dip in small items of muslin, wring and apply everywhere in the forehead, face and neck. Keep dipping and making use of several instances. Let it dry. Wash off when completely dry. An excellent cleanser.