Chiweenie Health Tips

Poor Shadow together with his purple eyes.


Chiweenie: Combined Breed

A Chiweenie is a combined breed consisting of half Dachshund and part Chihuahua. Every breed has its own health points and illnesses which are inherited by puppies bred from this hybrid. This means your Chiweenie may have a number of well being points from both breed – after which again, he/she could have none.

Knowing which well being issues your pet is predisposed to will help you forestall or lessen the results of these illnesses. Take your Chiweenie for normal test-ups, even if he/she is looking and feeling wonderful. Early detection of any disease can drastically improve the result of your pet’s well being and the quality of his/her life.

Lengthy Again = Possible Disc Issues

The Chiweenie gets its long physique, brief legs, and snout from the Dachshund. This makes it a goal for again/backbone injuries comparable to slipped discs. Preserve a watchful eye on your dog, and do not let him/her jump up or off of high partitions or other buildings that could cause again injuries – particularly if he/she is an older dog.

Knee Dislocation/Slipping

Chihuahuas are prone to knee dislocation, or knee slipping. (I had to bodily really feel around Shadow’s little leg to find his knee – I never thought of canine having knees.) To stop knee accidents make certain there aren’t any holes within the yard – particularly if the yard is your dog’s domain. Tripping can twist or sprain your pet’s ankle and/or trigger a knee damage, so be careful while you take him/her to the park where holes are usually not straightforward to see..

Keep in mind, your Chiweenie is sort of a little little one so it’s a must to walk ahead of him/her and be aware of dangerous terrain or obstables that will make him/her journey or fall. Discover degree floor or sidewalks to walk your pet on, so you may keep away from accidents that will injure your Chiweenie.

Diabetes, Hypoglycemia and More

Chiweenies inherit a predisposition to diabetes (high blood sugar) or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). They also inherit low thyroid (hypothyroidism), dental caries (cavities), and seizures from the Chihuahua facet of this breed.

Shadow has by no means had a seizure, but if your canine begins shaking or convulsing uncontrollably please take him/her to the vet instantly.

I am not certain about dog’s, but when individuals have a seizure you might be supposed to place a rag of their mouth and make them bite it. That is to stop them from biting their tongue, and it might also be a good idea in your Chiweenie, too. If it retains them from biting their tongue, it’s price it!

Hypoglycemic Chiweenie

Symptoms of Illnesses/Health Points

The following is an inventory of ailments and weaknesses inherent to Chiweenies – and their associated signs.

Ailments/health points from Chihuahua-side & signs:

Hypoglycemia: Shivering, sudden weak spot, lack of coordination, attainable seizures.

Kneecap dislocation/slipping (luxating patellas): Pain, limping or avoidance of motion as a consequence of ache.

Hydrocephalus (“water on the mind”): Abnormal “rounding” of the top, open fontanel (“delicate spot”), seizures, problem strolling.

Ailments/well being issues from Dachshund side and their signs:

Hypothyroidism: Pores and skin issues, weight acquire, coronary heart problems.

Diabetes: Consuming a lot of water, urinating often, uninteresting coat, lack of vision.

Degenerative Disc Illness (slipped spinal disc): Lethargy, shivering, ache; can lead to paralysis.

Seizures: Disorientation, uncontrollable twitching or convulsing, salivating, urinating, and defecating.

In case your canine exhibits any symptoms mentioned above however you aren’t certain whether it is critical or not, do not hesitate to take him/her to your local veterinarian!


Chiweenie Health-Nut

Our Chiweenie’s Misadventures

Shadow: His Story

Shadow the Chiweenie was initially my sister’s dog. She acquired Shadow as a puppy; he was a gift for her daughter. Shadow grew up and lived at my sister’s house for 9 years – he was part of the family. How did Shadow find yourself with me?

To make an extended story short: my sister let her 2nd daughter have a puppy, and not a small pet. This puppy, a German-Shepherd/Husky mix, was not small now and was going to grow as much as be a big dog, whereas Shadow, weighs 19 kilos, is feisty, and territorial. The mix of the 2 was nearly deadly.

Near Death Situation

Shortly after they brought the new puppy house, Shadow got in a terrible struggle with the “pet” that just about cost him his life. Monica rushed Shadow to the vet instantly after getting them separated.

The vet stated the pet virtually bit Shadow in the juggler vein. They mentioned Shadow is fortunate to be alive. The vet gave Shadow some stitches on his throat, and he was unable to bark for a number of weeks.

For Shadow’s Sake

My sister brought Shadow over to our house, and explained what happened between the 2 canines. She requested if we might care for him for awhile till she might determine one thing out. Of course, we could not say no, particularly after all the little man had been via.

Not long after caring for Shadow, we fell in love with him. His cuteness, that unhappy look in his eyes, and his “personality” took our hearts. He’s a very affectionate little dog that loves being in the presence of people. Shadow is charming.

Warning: Chiweenies Are Feisty

Dwelling with Shadow, I’ve seen how feisty Chiweenie’s can get, no matter how small they’re. As a warning, please watch out if you stroll your Chiweenie, as they are extremely aggressive and territorial. For their well being and longevity, avoid conditions the place different dogs are current. If it cannot be prevented, decide him/her up and carry him/her to security before placing your dog back on the bottom. Or you can attempt shortening their leash, but maintain your distance from all other canine!

Eye Accident in Backyard

In late spring of 2014 Shadow got here up with a crimson eye that became infected and spread to his different eye. We took him to the vet, and she or he said it seemed like he jabbed his eye with something. I checked out his eye, and then I saw that his proper pupil was dipped out – like he ran into a thorn and it scraped into his left pupil.

Blind and Cataracts

The vet gave us a prescription for his eye infection, and finally, the an infection went away. He’s basically blind now, but I feel he may even see us as hazy objects. At first he was operating into walls and stuff – he’d walk a bit of, bounce into one thing, then appropriate himself. Poor Shadow.

Generally we forget about him being blind, and we go and place one thing right in his path. Positive enough, he bumps into it. We’ve to keep the backyard (his area) secure by maintaining objects in the identical place. Being blind shouldn’t be easy, so please be good and preserve a clear path on your dog where he/she can discover meals and clear water without bumping into things.

Shadow’s had cataracts on both eyes since before the attention accident, so he was already having bother with his vision. But we have been all bummed out when this happened to Shadow. His vision was poor, but now it was achieved. It could not have happened to a nicer dog.

Present Health Status

Other than his blindness, Shadow is a really healthy spayed male. Within the morning he’s as energetic as a pet! He runs around, sometimes skipping on one back leg, waving his tail around, and trying to “discuss”. He is aware of he gets to go for a stroll within the morning so he lines himself up to get his leash hooked onto his collar. Morning is his most chipper time.

Avoid Feeding Canine These Meals: Might Trigger Seizures

Primarily based On Shadow’s Health

Energetic and Wholesome

Shadow weighs about 20 kilos. His weight never fluctuates – it is all the time the same. He controls his weight by “fasting” (no eating) about as soon as each ten days. My husband, Jerry, normally feeds him so it frustrates him when Shadow pulls a “fast” one as a result of it’s a waste of food. (It will be good if Jerry or myself might predict the day he needs to fast!)

Shadow is very energetic in the morning. He will get excited and acts like a little child as a result of he will get to take a walk with Jerry. However now that Shadow is generally blind, Jerry has to keep a closer eye on him so he doesn’t fall off the curb!

Chiweenies Get Cold Simply

Chihuahuas get cold and shiver simply. So I consider because of this Chiweenies additionally get chilly simply and shiver – it is an inherited trait.

I stay in Southern California, but when it is about 60 levels F (15.5 Celsius) or less, I make Jerry put a sweater on Shadow, in any other case he’s chilly and shivering.


Shadow has short hair, so it at all times seems to be brushed. I nonetheless brush his fur each every so often, and the brush always fills with fur shortly. Chiweenies love having their fur brushed, so please provide your dog this luxurious.

Reducing their nails is finest left to an expert pet groomer, and even they by chance cut the fast, sadly. In truth, I took Shadow to get his nails clipped by a groomer and she or he mentioned that she’s been cutting canine nails for 47 years and he or she nonetheless dreads having to do it as a result of generally she cuts a nail to the quick – so do not trim your pet’s nails yourself. My husband tried chopping Shadow’s nails a number of months ago and vowed by no means again – he didn’t like hurting him.

As for bathing, you need to bathe your Chiweenie at any time when he stinks, or about once a month. Shadow doesn’t like water, so he really hates baths. He runs round in a circle really fast after his bath- he seems to go a bit berserk!

After his circle-run he rolls round in the grass to get dirty once more. Foolish dog.

Shadow stands nonetheless for the photograph.


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